Consider the front door: It’s the focal point that channels your personal style. If you love using your front door to reflect the essence of seasons, wreaths and hanging baskets are a no-brainer. If, as I do, you also love the hunt for vintage and antique items, search for pieces that can be used to make a one-of-a-kind entry beyond the greenery.

This door is at the end of a long narrow deck overlooking a thicket of trees. The style and natural wood appropriately reflect the mountain setting.  No need to paint it or tweak the hardware. But when you start down that long walkway, the entry just blends into the wall, there was no sense of “arrival”! 

That’s what I set out to fix. As I’m always on the hunt, I own a collection of unique items that couldn’t be resisted when discovered. The antique iron pedestals on either side of the doorway, have been waiting in the wings for their moment. The iron horse heads were discovered at the Cashiers Designer Showhouse a couple years ago. But my favorite entry enhancement — the antique wood pediment over the door — was a recent find and my final tweak to this doorway. The total look is unique, a little quirky, and exudes a sense of fun. I hope it makes you want to discover what’s inside!!

Allyson Kirkpatrick

Allyson K. Designs