To the Max! Maximalism Makes a Comeback

Perhaps it’s COVID fatigue that led to the desire for cozier at-home spaces. But there’s no doubt that minimalism has run its course. There’s a growing desire for spaces that can’t be visually absorbed in one glance.  Forget everything you knew about the rule of three! With maximalism, if three is good, five is better, as long as the five are well-selected and harmonious.

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Layer Up

Take your interior to the next level with layering.

Layer to make your spaces interesting, rich, compliment-worthy. Do it like you would layer an outfit with accessories: stunning jewelry, sunglasses, a great belt or scarf. As in fashion, all the elements should work together yet pop individually. In fact, the approach to layering a great space or pulling off high fashion is the same. You’re arranging shapes, patterns, textures and colors to play off one another. And layering gives you the opportunity to optimally display the things you enjoy collecting.

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Happy New Year – Classic Style!

Happy New Year!

The world may be in flux but we do have control over how we imagine our space!  

If you’re renovating a bathroom or kitchen, I recommend a classic approach because being on trend costs more in the long run. There are some designs that never look out of style.

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First Impressions

Consider the front door: It’s the focal point that channels your personal style. If you love using your front door to reflect the essence of seasons, wreaths and hanging baskets are a no-brainer. If, as I do, you also love the hunt for vintage and antique items, search for pieces that can be used to make a one-of-a-kind entry beyond the greenery.

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