Happy New Year!

The world may be in flux but we do have control over how we imagine our space!  

If you’re renovating a bathroom or kitchen, I recommend a classic approach because being on trend costs more in the long run. There are some designs that never look out of style.

Take this bathroom: there’s no gimmicky trim to give away its era. You can get this look with real marble or an inexpensive look-alike porcelain. Years from now, you will not be able to identify the decade.

Stand out from the crowd:

I encourage clients to mix in antiques and vintage furniture. Enjoy the hunt for one-of-a-kind pieces that add instant character and patina to your space. I love the carving on top of this trumeau mirror. It’s from a boutique shop that was having a moving sale. Lucky me, everything was  highly discounted including this piece. 

In a new city

This January finds me in a new city in a virtually empty house. The moving company won’t arrive with my furniture until February! But my son and his fiancé are coming for dinner and I’ve carved out a space with the help of a few unique pieces sourced locally.  A vintage Battenburg lace table cloth over my folding yard-sale table; a vintage candelabra, antique china and Louis-something chairs set a mood. These were all much more reasonably priced then their “new” alternative and they’ll lend a pleasing layered look to what I already own. I’m happy to have few places to sit and dine until the end of the month!