Take your interior to the next level with layering.

Layer to make your spaces interesting, rich, compliment-worthy. Do it like you would layer an outfit with accessories: stunning jewelry, sunglasses, a great belt or scarf. As in fashion, all the elements should work together yet pop individually. In fact, the approach to layering a great space or pulling off high fashion is the same. You’re arranging shapes, patterns, textures and colors to play off one another. And layering gives you the opportunity to optimally display the things you enjoy collecting.

Add elements one at a time; then stand back or take a photo to assess. If the layering is too minimal, the effect will be boring; if too stacked, the space looks cluttered. Unify by theme, color, texture. Contrast objects, such as shiny vs matte. If items are very disparate, arrange them by color.

Then add some mystery and invite the eye to explore. Tuck in a framed miniature or small books, add an orchid. Understand that not every object has to be seen in its entirety. In this case, the whole is greater than its parts. A layered look is a work in progress. You want to curate a lived-in aesthetic, not an intransigent Rock of Gibraltar! Layering should be a fun exercise — add a piece, subtract a piece, shift objects — until you find a composition that pleases you.